Two Main Street clothing boutiques will be making a move in February after a new landlord declined to renew the lease for Jondie, the owner of both stores said.

Jondie, which sells clothing, jewelry and fashion accessories, will relocate from 412 Main St. to 407 Main St.—the address of her second store Mimi & Dottie, which will move to 98 Fourth Ave. N., according to Rebecca Brown Davis. Davis said the move is a temporary solution as she seeks another Main Street space for Jondie.

“It is important to us to keep Jondie on Main Street,” Davis said. “ This means that we will have much smaller retail spaces in Franklin for the near future, but will continue to search for a long-term solution for Jondie. Once we do, Mimi & Dottie will move back to its location on Main Street.”

Jondie began as a jewelry line in 2008 sold off a single shelf in a co-op gift shop. 615-807-2386.