Radio network nonprofit Education Media Foundation will relocate its headquarters from Rocklin, California, to Franklin, according to an announcement from CEO Bill Reeves.

The announcement was made during Williamson Inc.'s Outlook Williamson event May 12.

The organization operates KLOVE, a Christian radio station, as well as podcasts and Air1. The EMF is donor operated, according to Reeves.

Reeves said the company chose to relocate to Williamson County for its lower cost of living as well as its proximity to musicians. The EMF worked with Williamson Inc. and the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development to choose the location.

"[California has] been very good to us for 40 years, especially as a nonprofit, believe it or not. But our employees are not nonprofit, and they need a place that they can afford to live without the burden that is beginning to fall on them," Reeves said.

The company is expected to relocate about 160 of its employees to the area over the next two to three years, and it will also hire about 160 additional employees locally.

The EMF will work temporarily from the Schneider Electric building, located at 6700 Tower Circle, Franklin, before building its own permanent facility on a Boyle property in the near future.

Reeves said the company expects to announce its permanent location in the next 90 days.

"We've decided Williamson County is going to be our home, and we're very excited," he said.