Franklin High School's new mascot will be the Admirals following a student vote held earlier this month.

Officials with Williamson County Schools announced the new mascot Aug. 18.

"The Admirals was chosen because Franklin High is touted by the students, faculty and alumni as 'The Flagship' school of Williamson County and is the oldest high school in the district," FHS Principal Shane Pantall said in a release. "While new changes are on the horizon, Franklin High will remain anchored in tradition."

The change comes after a local committee submitted a recommendation in July calling for the mascot to be changed from the Rebels, a name which has Confederate roots. Over the summer, a petition with more than 2,500 signatures was submitted to Pantall calling for the removal.

Additionally, WCS officials previously stated this is not the first time the community had called for the Rebels name to be removed. Similar appeals were made in the early 1990s and in 2018.

Students could choose among the Longhorns, the Fire Hawks and the Admirals. The Admirals was chosen by more than 40% of the student body and approved by Pantall.

New branding and logos are expected to be presented in the coming weeks, according to WCS.