Following the May 4 election, the city of Brentwood swore in three incumbents for another four years.

Commissioners Rhea Little, Mark Gorman and Regina Smithson were all sworn in by Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson during the city's May 10 regular commission meeting. The meeting also marked the first time in over a year that all commissioners attended the meeting in person with COVID-19 safety measures in place.

During the meeting, the commissioners also appointed Little to serve another two years as mayor in a 4-3 vote against former Vice Mayor Ken Travis. Mayors are appointed by a majority vote of city commissioners following each election.

Little said while mayors in the city of Brentwood typically serve only one term at a time, with the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recovery still ongoing, he felt it was important to continue to serve as mayor until the city has further recovered. Officials said there is no rule in the city charter stating how many times a commissioner can be appointed as mayor.

"I have established many countywide, statewide, regionwide and national connections that have helped us maneuver the very rough waters of the pandemic," Little said. "I still feel that there's probably a few more bumps in the road. ... I chose again to run for mayor because I felt at this point in time we need to keep consistent in leadership."

For the position of vice mayor, Nelson Andrews received four votes against Travis and fellow Commissioner Susannah MacMillan and will serve in that position for two years.