Brentwood High School opens new STEM building


Brentwood High School held a ribbon cutting April 17 for its newly-constructed building dedicated for science, technology, engineering and math—or STEM—which adds more space for programs such as robotics and coding and engineering, as well as additional classrooms for math and science.

BHS Principal Kevin Keidel said one advantage of the building will be that it enables students to learn math and science together.

“This allows our teachers … to work together to come up with joint projects, joint opportunities for instruction,” he said. “What they’re learning in biology class and what they’re learning in the math class, they can work together on those.”

Engineering students will have space to themselves in the new facility, Keidel said.

“They need to be able to have tables and tools to be out here, and we’ve got a room specifically set up for that,” he said.

There are also two new computer labs in the building, along with four science labs.

The new facility will be shared between the high school and Brentwood Middle School, according to district staff for Williamson County Schools.

The building cost just over $10 million to construct, according to WCS Deputy Superintendent Jason Golden. The City of Brentwood contributed $2.4 million of that cost, with the county paying the rest.

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