Meridian Cool Springs, a 60-acre mixed use development in Franklin, announced Jan. 4 it had fully leased all available retail space with the addition of five recent tenants, Boyle Investment Co. announced.

New locations of Clean Juice, Woodhouse Spa and The Eastern Peak have leased space at the development at 2000 Meridian Blvd. and are all expected to open in the first half of 2022.

“It’s important to us to be intentional about selecting a mix of tenants that create the best walkable, mixed-use communities for residents, office tenants and guests alike,” said Grant Kinnett, who leads retail leasing at Boyle Investment Co., which owns the property. “We’re proud to grow the Meridian community with tenants who have been a part of our other projects, as well as those that are working with Boyle for the first time. The exciting addition of these new tenants elevates Meridian Cool Springs to the next level.”

Clean Juice is a 100% organic juice bar founded in 2016, and the Meridian franchise will be run by Sean and Melissa Ballance, according to the Boyle. This will be the second Clean Juice franchise on a Boyle property, following Capitol View downtown, according to Boyle.

“We wanted to not only serve the community, but also build a community,” Sean Ballance said. “Our decision to open at Meridian was easy—it really picked us long before we picked it. In earlier parts of my career, I’d go on business trips where we’d stay at Meridian, and I’ve always been impressed with the development. It was a no-brainer to put down our roots here.”

The Woodhouse Spa is a luxury spa focused on “mood care” with more than 70 franchise locations in 20 states, according to Boyle. The business will offer treatments such as an infrared sauna, a plunge pool, antigravity chairs with virtual reality and more, according to Boyle. It is expected to open in March.

“I decided that I only wanted to open spas in cities that I was passionate about, and that was definitely the Nashville area,” Powell said. “It’s refreshing to have a partner like Boyle at Meridian who understands the value of a luxury spa in the development and wider community, where we can support all our patrons on their wellness journeys.”

The Eastern Peak, which first opened in Murray, Kentucky, in 2006 and has since expanded to Middle Tennessee, is known for its Thai and sushi dishes with an American twist. The Meridian location is slated to open in spring 2022 and will be the sixth restaurant under the name overall.

David Szemeredy, chief operating officer of The Eastern Peak at Meridian, said establishing the restaurant in the Cool Springs area has been a longtime goal.

“We want to provide good food and service to the people of Franklin, and we are looking forward to getting to know the community and having the community get to know us," Szemeredy said.

Other recent retail editions at Boyle are New Moon Yoga, owned and run by husband-and-wife duo Chad and Jenn Fitzgerald, alums of Half Moon Yoga Healing, a local studio that shut its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. New Moon opened in July.

Hotworx fitness studio provides virtually instructed, infrared sauna workout sessions, which use the benefits of heat absorption and exercise to remove toxins from your organs through muscle contractions. The Meridian studio is now the business’s sixth Middle Tennessee location.

Other established Meridian tenants include Cajun Steamer, Tupelo Honey Café, Nutrishop, Peace Eyecare, Tony’s Eat & Drink, Meridian Dental Centre, Noodles & Company, Edward Jones, Fabulous Frocks Bridal, First Watch and more.

Meridian Cool Springs is an urban-mixed use development with 904,000 square feet of office space, 70,000 square feet of retail and three on-site hotels with 544 rooms.