A new sports complex could bring hockey back to Williamson County, if plans are approved by the city of Franklin.

The proposed project, the yet-to-be-named Long Lane Sports Complex, is being developed by Franklin-based Gamble Design and War Horse Ventures. The site would be located near the Williamson County Ag Expo Park near Long Lane and Peytonsville Road on the southwest side of the city.

The facility would feature a 100,000-square-foot hockey arena as well as office space, retail and restaurant space, according to a proposed site plan.

The city hosted a neighborhood meeting Aug. 6 for residents to learn more about the project.

War Horse Venture President Eric Kaehr said the project could bring more than just hockey to the area, with opportunities for cheerleading and gymnastics as well as basketball, climbing and other indoor sports.

"It’s really going to be a multipurpose space, and the intent is that an operator would host tournaments," Kaehr said during the meeting.

Before the project could move forward, the land would need to be rezoned, according to city documents. Envision Franklin, the city's long-range land use plan, currently designates the site for development as a residential area, as it is adjacent to existing neighborhoods, such as the Ladd Park area.

During the meeting, a number of residents in Ladd Park expressed concern over the projects, citing traffic increases and possible noise issues.

"I’m also a teacher and have two school-aged children. Once again, being a bordering property, I’m concerned that my kids might have interrupted sleep," Ladd Park resident Megan Thiel said during the meeting. "I have been to many of those sports facilities. I’m an athlete. If somebody's just won a tournament, they’re not apt to be very quiet as they’re leaving the premises."

Kaehr said the 25.17-acre property is currently under contract to be purchased; however, that contract depends on the land being zoned appropriately to develop a sports complex, he said.

Project developers are expected to hold additional neighborhood meetings in the future to allow residents to voice their concerns about the project.

"We’re taken a very hands-on approach with the residents of Ladd Park to try to vet out any concern that [they] might have, try to answer those concerns and adjust the plans where we need to," he said. "We’re all ears to try to make this work for the community. But I do know the families in the area both in Ladd Park and outside are very interested in something that can provide hockey for the area."