The total number of coronavirus cases in Williamson County has risen to 4,165 as of Aug. 25, according to the latest update from the Tennessee Department of Health. This marks an increase of eight new cases reported in the county since the department’s last update Aug. 24.

Aug. 25 marks the second day in a row that Williamson County has seen a smaller-than-average increase in new cases. On Aug. 24, the county had 17 new cases. In the past several weeks, the county has averaged 30-plus new cases per day, according to TDH data.

However, the state is also reporting lower numbers in testing, with just over 15,100 total tests reported in the last 24 hours. In recent weeks, the number has been above 20,000 tests per day.

This latest total includes 1,161 active cases, or people who are currently infected with the coronavirus. The total number of recovered cases in Williamson County now total 2,977.

The county is reporting 32 fewer active cases since Aug. 24, meaning the number of people who were reported as recovered Aug. 25 outpaces the new number of infected people reported Aug. 25. As a result, Williamson County Schools has moved into its "Low Spread" metric.

Statewide cases now total 145,417, an increase of 813 since Aug. 24.

Since the pandemic reached Tennessee in March, more than 1,600 deaths have been reported, and over 6,500 individuals have been hospitalized. An estimated 108,035 residents have recovered from the virus.

See the county's active case history below.