Cases of the coronavirus in Tennessee have risen to 31,830 as of June 16, according to the latest update from the Tennessee Department of Health. This marks an increase of 670 new cases reported since the department's last update June 15.

The state has also started reporting probable cases in its daily totals. As of June 15, the state had 218 probable cases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, probable cases include suspected cases where a patient meets the clinical criteria and epidemiological evidence for COVID-19 without a confirmed laboratory test. Probable cases can also include presumed laboratory evidence and either clinical criteria or epidemiological evidence.

The daily totals also include 493 deaths, 2,146 cumulative hospitalizations and an estimated 20,710 recoveries.

A report from faculty researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center announced June 16 shows that the number of patients hospitalized with coronavirus reached its highest level to date June 15, with more than 400 patients reported hospitalized in the state. While researchers said this rise has not put widespread stress on hospital systems, it is indicative of the virus's continued spread, which officials say must be closely tracked.

“The recent rise in hospitalizations is not a simple story and is a story with multiple parts,” said John Graves, associate professor of health policy and director of the Center for Health Economic Modeling at Vanderbilt, in a release. “The rise in hospitalizations is as much about the virus expanding its footprint into additional areas of the state as it is about hospitalizations increasing in facilities that were already treating COVID-19 patients. And as hospitals see a welcome return of patients for elective procedures, it creates a thinner cushion to absorb a sudden and unexpected rise in COVID hospitalizations. It’s a situation that bears watching very closely.”

VUMC officials project that if the transmission trends seen recently continue, the state could see as many as 1,000 hospitalizations concurrently. According to the report from VUMC, the majority of hospitalizations are in Middle Tennessee, in the Memphis Delta region and in the southeast near Chattanooga.

In Davidson County, there have been at least 7,016 reported cases. Williamson County has 723 cases.

Overall, more than 638,000 COVID-19 tests have been conducted, according to the TDH update, including more than 9,000 tests reported in the last 24 hours.