Williamson County moves closer to issuing over $30M of bonds for non-school projects


Williamson County took the second step toward a bond issuance of more than $30 million at the county commission meeting Sept. 9.

The Williamson County Commission voted 24-0 to pass an initial resolution authorizing the county to issue up to $32.6 million in bonds to raise money for projects in the Parks and Recreation, Juvenile Services, Public Safety and Property Management departments as well as the Sheriff’s Office.

Initial resolutions like the one the commission passed Monday are the second step in the bond issuance process, according to County Budget Director Nena Graham.

“This will be advertised, and then, we will get a final bond resolution to vote on, but this is just the preliminary that allows us to advertise it,” Budget Committee Chairman Steve Smith said at the meeting.

The above departments have over $32 million of capital needs, according to the preliminary July resolution that outlined the county’s intentions to fund projects.

The largest single line-item in the Intent to Fund resolution is Phase II construction of the county’s new animal shelter, which, according to the July resolution, is expected to cost $6 million. Public Safety is slated to receive $7 million for projects, much of it for fleet management for various vehicles, and Juvenile Services is supposed to receive $5 million. $5.3 million will go to Parks and Recreation if commissioners do not elect to amend the resolution.

The final bond resolution, which will allow the county to work toward setting a selling date, is planned for the Oct. 14 commission meeting, according to Graham.

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