Brentwood takes first steps towards scooter ban


To prevent the usage of short-term rental scooters from migrating into the city, Brentwood is in the process of passing a new ordinance to prohibit them from being operated in the city limits.

Brentwood City Commissioners unanimously approved on first reading Sept. 9 an ordinance that would ban the operation of short-term rental scooters and bicycles on public roads, sidewalks and right of ways. The ordinance would not apply to scooters and bikes that are privately owned, according to city attorney Kristen Corn.

Thanks to legislation passed in a previous session of the Tennessee Legislature, cities across the state have the option to ban scooters and other dockless motorized vehicles on the basis of safety concerns, Corn said. Brentwood city staff said the ordinance was brought forward for fear that scooters might be left on sidewalks or roadways when riders are done with them.

Should the ordinance pass, violators would be subject to a $50 fine for each violation, and the Brentwood Police Department would have the authority to impound any short-term rental vehicles left in the city.

The ordinance will come up for second and final approval Sept. 23, according to City Manager Kirk Bednar.

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Wendy Sturges
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