Williamson County to debut convenience voting system in 2020


After the upcoming Franklin elections this October, Williamson County residents will be able to take advantage of a new voting procedure for the 2020 primaries and beyond.

According to Williamson County Administrator of Elections Chad Gray, the new program will allow voters to cast their ballots at any Election Day Convenience Vote Center in the county, rather than an assigned location according to their precincts, as in previous electoral contests.

The new system will go into effect in March 2020, according to Gray. That means that residents still must vote at their assigned precinct in the upcoming Franklin elections this October, unless otherwise notified.

The switch will help the Election Commission deal with growth in the county and the frequent address changes that go along with that, according to a fact sheet released by Williamson County.

“Many voters move often and have long commutes to other areas of Middle Tennessee,” the release said. “Voters will now be entitled to vote at polling locations where they work or where their children attend school.”

There will be 26 locations spread throughout the county, compared to the 43 address-based precincts that are available under the current system. The release said reducing the total number of locations will help the county manage its poll officials without spreading them too thin.

“The average age of poll officials in our state is 76 years old,” the release said. “This would allow us to better manage our resources with our Election Day workers.”

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