Q&A: Dale Pacetti, Brentwood City Commission candidate


Dale Pacetti is one of nine candidates running for four available seats on the Brentwood City Commission. Community Impact Newspaper sent each candidate a list of questions. Answers below are edited for publication style.

This article is part of May 7 Brentwood municipal election coverage and does not constitute an endorsement of the candidate.

Experience: I have lived in Brentwood for 20 years and have been active for the past seven years as a homeowners association director and president of my 160-home neighborhood. I have worked with more than 200 Brentwood families as a college prep test tutor.

1) Why did you decide to run for the City Commission?

I am inspired by my father, who was a commissioner and mayor for many years in my hometown. I believe that Brentwood is a great place to live but facing big-city problems with growth, traffic and crime. I think my background in business and technology, as president of my large and diverse HOA, and as a listener and level-headed thinker can be an asset to our city.

2) In your opinion, what is the biggest issue facing Brentwood, and how do you plan to address it on the City Commission?

I think that growth with its accompanying concerns with traffic and density are the No. 1 issue facing Brentwood. As land values increase, there will be intense pressure to build on every available piece of land. I want to make sure we do this cautiously, logically and reasonably, with a realistic view of property owner rights, traffic and infrastructure limitations, and assurance that the city gets appropriate concessions in terms of green space and additional roads any time zoning decisions are made.

3) How will you balance density concerns with Brentwood’s rapid growth?

As this question suggests, the key is balance. Many of our roads cannot accommodate any more traffic during peak travel times, yet thousands of additional homes will be built and office space added. We cannot stop growth and property owners’ rights to build, but we can plan for it. To achieve the best outcome, I am in favor of: encouraging more options for residents to live closer to where they work (even walk or bike), adding arterial roads and widening existing roads where possible, better traffic light synchronization and more dedicated green space.

4) Anything else you would like the community to know? 

As devoted as I am to my neighborhood and community, my first commitments are to my God, and then my family. The people who know me best know that I am someone who wants to understand all the facts before making a decision and then working to build consensus. I also strive to be clear and transparent in my beliefs. Finally, I fully recognize that I make mistakes and am always open to learning and correction.

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