In a 6-6 vote, the Williamson County Schools Board of Education voted down a proposal Feb. 18 to rezone students from Silver Stream Farms from Mill Creek Elementary School to Nolensville Elementary School.

The proposal was intended to address overcrowding at Mill Creek, which is projected to reach 937 students in 2019-20 without implementing rezoning. The building has a capacity for 800 students, while Nolensville Elementary is expected to reach 594 students and has a capacity for 890.

Several parents and residents of the Silver Stream Farms neighborhood in Nolensville spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting, stating the proposal was only a short-term solution to the growth expected to occur in the district.

Both schools are still expected to be over capacity in the next two to five years with Mill Creek at 104 percent capacity and Nolensville at 102 percent capacity, according the district documents.

Superintendent Mike Looney said while the plan is not perfect, it will address overcrowding for the next three to five years.

“There are certain areas of our community that are experiencing rapid growth,” Looney said. “The problem is there is so much density around Nolensville and Mill Creek; there are limited options.”

The proposal needed a two-thirds approval to pass. Looney said it will likely take at least 60 days for WCS staff to return with a new rezoning proposal for the board to approve.