After years of struggling with anxiety, Pure Sweat + Float Studio owner and Brentwood resident Meredith Lile said she found relief in an unexpected place: inside an infrared sauna.

“I used to have debilitating panic attacks—my body would go into fight or flight, and I was almost paralyzed,” Lile said. “I looked into it online and came across the Belle Meade location and said, ‘What the heck? I’ll try it.’”

After seeing changes in mood as well as improvements in her sleep and health, Lile said she decided to open a location in Cool Springs in October 2018, followed by the Brentwood location, which opened in March 2020. Another sauna studio is also open in 12 South.

The studio offers saunas featuring full-spectrum infrared technology that raises body temperature to produce a deep sweat, which can help to rid toxins, reduce joint pain and facilitate weight loss.

“It really has a lot of health benefits to it,” Lile said. “Athletes do it for inflammation, others do it because they want better organ function or to lower cortisol levels.”

Lile said the studio’s sauna is different than traditional saunas, which can get up to 200 degrees. Due to the infrared lights, only the body is heated and the temperature is between 100-145 degrees. In the sauna, guests can listen to music, watch Netflix or stretch during the 45-60-minute session.

The studio also offers floatation therapy, in which a large amount of Epsom salt is dissolved in purified water to create a floating effect, which Lile said can help with muscle soreness, insomnia and circulation while providing relaxation. Float sessions can be 25, 40 or 60 minutes.

Memberships for the studio are available for both float and sweat packages, ranging from $89-$169, although several packages are available. Lile said the benefits seen after sessions can last for up to 14 days.

“We say it’s like yoga, the more you do it the better you get at it, and the more you can let yourself go,” Lile said.

Pure Sweat + Float Studio


213 Franklin Road, Ste. 130, Brentwood


Cool Springs

1560 W. McEwen Drive, Ste. 154, Franklin


Hours: Sun. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.