When Tori Cozert and her mother, Tammy Ringenberg, took ownership of AR Workshop Franklin last July, they said they saw an opportunity to turn their hobbies into careers.

“We’re just a crafty family,” Cozert said. “My mom sews, and she does all kinds of DIY stuff on her own home, and I knit. We just kind of always have been a little bit crafty, do-it-ourselves kind of thing, and so it was super fun to make our own projects.”

The shop’s space features walls lined with projects as well as workbenches and a paint bar where crafters can pick custom colors for their projects.

Projects at the workshop include wood items, such as painted boards, planters, pillows and lazy Susans, as well as soft items, such as pillows, canvas tote bags and knit blankets, a popular item in colder months.

Each workshop is scheduled in advance to give staffers time to make customized stencils and prepare project materials. However, Cozert and Ringenberg said the shop is open for corporate events, parties, bridal showers and date nights.

The shop also offers projects for children, such as string art and smaller painting projects. AR Workshop Franklin’s summer camps will return later this year with day programs for children ages 7-14.

For those who do not consider themselves naturally crafty, Cozert said, each class features an instructor to help with everything from picking colors to painting and stencils.

“We’re not just telling you how to do it; we’re also helping you and giving you color suggestions, if you want them,” Cozert said. “All of our girls who teach classes are really good about kind of intuitively seeing what level of help people want.”

AR Workshop Franklin also features a small retail section with locally themed items. Another popular item is the shop’s DIY To-Go kit, which includes all the materials needed for a small project.

Ringenberg and Cozert said their favorite part of the workday is sharing their love of crafts and seeing the sense of accomplishment people feel.

“You started out thinking you can’t do it, and then, when you’re done, and it, like, looks really good, ... that’s probably my favorite part—is seeing people realize that they can do it,” Cozert said.

AR Workshop Franklin

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