Brentwood issues burn ban due to drought conditions


The City of Brentwood is instituting a ban on open burning until further notice, according to a release from a city spokesperson.

Persistent heat and drought conditions are to blame for the unsafe environment for burning, city officials said. No burn permits will be issued until the ban is lifted.

“Unfortunately, what little rain we have received today has made only a small impact on conditions,” Fire Chief Brian Goss said Sept. 23 in the release. “We would need significantly more rain before lifting the ban.”

The release said commercial businesses that use air curtain destructors under supervised, controlled conditions are exempt from the ban. Nearby cities including Spring Hill and Nolensville have instituted similar bans.

Brentwood officials said they will continue to monitor the drought situation and will lift the ban when it is safe to burn again. For more information about the ban, click here.

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