MarketPlace Interiors embraces vintage pieces, modern decor


When customers walk through the door at MarketPlace Interiors in Green Hills, they can find a variety of new and vintage furniture as well as art, lighting and other products for their homes.

The shop is tucked away on Bandywood Drive, an area known for its clusters of locally owned restaurants, boutiques and specialty businesses. The store is the brainchild of interior design aficionados Laurie Elliott and Heidi Jinks.

MarketPlace Interiors, which celebrated its two-year anniversary in June, relocated in November 2018 to a new space in the same building. Elliott said she strives to stock the store with unique items not offered at other area decor shops.

“A lot of stores and designers are focused on all white and monochromatic right now,” Elliott said. “At MarketPlace, I’m reintroducing pops of color back into the home while still maintaining a little bit of edginess that catches you by surprise.”

MarketPlace Interiors opened in 2009 in Tampa, Florida, where Jinks still lives and manages the original store. Elliott, who describes her move to Nashville in 2017 as being “somewhat on a whim,” said an earlier visit to the city sparked the idea for a second location.

“I felt like there was such an opportunity for growth here, and the city needed more locally owned home furnishing options,” Elliott said. “It just worked out that I was able to bring a store I owned and loved to a new city I wanted to call home.”

Although the location in Green Hills has a considerably smaller footprint than the 5,000-square-foot storefront in Tampa, Elliott said the scaled-down shop often works to her advantage. Once inside, customers walk through several showcase rooms decorated from floor to ceiling with designer rugs, swanky light fixtures and more.

“What’s so much fun about this location is that it’s much smaller, and I’m able to choose my favorite lines to feature in-store,” Elliott said. “It’s a mix of new and old, and after two years in business here, I have really been able to fine tune it.”

Elliott said while interior decorating trends are always changing, she aims to stock MarketPlace Interiors with timeless items offered at a range of prices.

“I try not to be too trendy, because buying something for the home is an investment; it’s something you want around for a while,” Elliott said. “There’s just something about an antique chest paired with modern art that never goes out of style.”

MarketPlace Interiors

2225 Bandywood Drive, Nashville


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