New exhibits to open this summer at Adventure Science Center

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The Adventure Science Center, located at 800 Fort Negley Blvd., Nashville, will open a permanent exhibit July 1 allowing guests to explore the science of music and sound. Visitors can experiment with their own musical tracks and visualize the notes and beats on glowing walls, according to a news release.

As part of a “multiyear revitalization plan,” the new exhibit coincides with the grand reopening of Innovation Incubator, an installation that uses technology such as 3D printers, coding stations, and vinyl and laser cutters.

“The hands-on skills that provide relevant experience for careers in the 21st century can be explored thoroughly in the Innovation Incubator, and we are excited to offer this opportunity to people of all ages and backgrounds,” President and CEO Steve Hinkley said in the release.

The two exhibits open to the public Monday, July 1. 615-862-5160.