Montgomery City Council met Oct. 23 to discuss and take action on numerous agenda items, including an update on Buffalo Springs Drive bridge repair, a water and sewer rate increase and an increased recycling fee. Council member John Champagne was not in attendance.

Here are five takeaways from Montgomery City Council meeting Oct. 23:

1. Buffalo Springs Drive bridge repair to be completed next week, contractor says
City Engineer Chris Roznovsky said the contractor for the Buffalo Springs Drive bridge project—Glenn Fuqua, Inc.—aims to complete repairs next week. The contract end date is Oct. 30, but Roznovsky said there could be a brief delay depending on rainfall this week.

The last pieces of the project include testing the repaired water line, connecting across the bridge and one more concrete pour on the slopes of one of the sides.

To read more about the project, click here.

2. Council cancels second meetings in November and December
Montgomery City Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday of every month; however, the council unanimously approved the second meetings in November and December—or Nov. 27 and Dec. 25—be canceled in respect of the holidays.

3. Council awarded project bid for Baja Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Council voted to approve a $179,213 bid from Boretex, LLC for the construction of water and drainage improvements on Baja Road and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Roznovsky said the project will improve and replace water lines, replace and upsize culverts, and add slope pavements to better drain the area. Construction on phase one is anticipated to begin on Nov. 31 and end 60 days later.

A second phase for the roads—which will be funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency—will include repaving Baja Road. Roznovsky said phase two will begin once FEMA funds are acquired.

4. New recycling, trash rate to begin Nov. 20
Council unanimously adopted an ordinance for the city’s new garbage and recycling rates, which will become effective Nov. 20. The ordinance reflects the council’s decision to approve the contract with Waste Management in July.

The new, larger recycling containers will be delivered to residents by Nov. 1, City Administrator Jack Yates said. Waste Management will collect the old bins from residents on that day. The new residential rate for recycling containers is $19.50 per month for one container, while the new commercial containers cost $20.98 per month for one container, Yates said.

5. Council approves increase on monthly water and sewer rate
Council approved an increase in water and sewer rates for large-volume water users in Montgomery. The new rate will increase water and sewer rates by 50 cents per 1,000 gallons between 2,000-20,000 gallons and $1 per 1,000 gallons over 20,000 gallons for commercial customers.

“One-third of the city residents won’t see any increases because they use less than 50,000 gallons,” said Council Member Rebecca Huss. “So none of the rate increases over the last three years have affected one-third of our residential consumers.”

The water and sewer rate increase will go into effect Nov. 20, Yates said. He also said the new rates are expected to increase water and sewer revenue by approximately $34,000 annually.