Back to school: Calendar details for Williamson County's public, private schools

School is coming back soon in Williamson County. Here are the highlights of this year's public and private school calendars, including breaks and graduation dates.

First day of classes
Franklin Special School District: Aug. 7 (first to eighth grade); Aug. 15 (kindergarten)

Williamson County Schools: Aug. 9 (first to 12th grade); Aug. 19 (kindergarten)

Battle Ground Academy: Aug. 14

Brentwood Academy: Aug. 15

Franklin Christian Academy: Aug. 19

Fall break
WCS: Oct. 10-11

FCA: Oct. 10-11

BGA: Oct. 17-18

BA: Oct. 17-18

FSSD: Oct. 7-11

Thanksgiving break
WCS: Nov. 25-29

FSSD: Nov. 25-29

BGA: Nov. 25-29

FCA: Nov. 25-29

BA: Half day Nov. 26, off Nov. 27-29

Winter break
WCS: Half day Dec. 19, off Dec. 20-Jan. 3

FSSD: Abbreviated day Dec. 20, off Dec. 23-Jan. 3

BGA: Dec. 19-Jan. 6

FCA: Dec. 23-Jan. 3

BA: Dec. 21-Jan. 6

Spring break
WCS: March 16-20

FSSD: March 16-20

BGA: March 16-20

FCA: March 16-20

BA: March 16-20

Last day of school
BGA: May 20

WCS: May 21

BA: May 21

FCA: May 22

FSSD: May 22

BGA: May 17
WCS: May 22-24
FCA: May 23
BA: May 25