A look at the Pearland, Friendswood real estate market

Every year, Community Impact Newspaper takes an inside look at the real estate market in our Real Estate Edition.

Real Estate Market at a glance

Data provided to Community Impact Newspaper shows home prices rising slightly. However, homes are sitting on the market longer in most areas and less homes are being built as certain parts of Pearland and Friendswood inch toward build-out.

Number of Homes Sold

Throughout Pearland and Friendswood, the number of homes sold is lower this year than last year.

Average Home Sales Price

While less homes are being sold, home prices are continuing to rise.

Average Days on the Market

Overall, homes are sitting on the market for a few more days more than they did last year.

New Homes Built

Perhaps unsurprisingly, less homes are being built in the ZIP codes where less homes are being sold.

Multifamily Units Added

The multifamily unit growth has remained relatively stagnant over the last couple of years.

By Haley Morrison
Haley Morrison came to Community Impact Newspaper in 2017 after graduating from Baylor University. She was promoted to editor in February 2019. Haley primarily covers city government.