The Lake Conroe area has a number of ongoing transportation projects.

FM 1097 widening

The Texas Department of Transportation’s expansion of FM 1097 between I-45 and Hwy. 75 includes a continuous left-turn lane is completed, however the project is slated to receive additional work that is expected to be completed this year.

Timeline: July 11, 2016-fourth quarter 2017
Cost: $5.6 million
Funding source: TxDOT

FM 149 widening

TxDOT will start a project to widen FM 149 in Montgomery by the end of the year. The project will add a center left-turn lane between FM 1097 and Hwy. 105.

Timeline: fourth quarter 2017-TBA
Cost: $6.9 million
Funding source: TxDOT

FM 2854 connector

The city of Conroe and Montgomery County are partnering to build a connector road between the I-45 access road and FM 2854 that goes around the Montgomery County Central Library. Design for the project is expected to be completed in February, and the project could start in June 2018.

Timeline: June 2018-September 2018
Cost: $1.22 million
Funding sources: city of Conroe, Montgomery County

FM 3083 expansion

The project will widen FM 3083 from two to four lanes from just east of Hwy. 75 to west of FM 1484. The project includes a bridge over the Union Pacific Corp. railroad tracks and a left-turn lane and has reached 47 percent completion.

Timeline: July 2016-third quarter 2018
Cost: $13.4 million
Funding source: TxDOT

M.P. Clark Road construction

The city of Conroe is building M.P. Clark Road between League Line Road and FM 830. The city awarded the contract for the project to Triple B Services, and construction started April 14 and will end in March.

Timeline: April 14, 2017-March 2018
Cost: $6.5 million
Funding sources: city of Conroe, Willis ISD

Wilson Road expansion

The city of Conroe will expand the roadway from two lanes to four lanes; make curb and gutter improvements; and add mast arm traffic signals, sidewalks and street lights. The project will start early next year.

Timeline: January 2018-November 2018
Cost: $3.9 million
Funding source: city of Conroe

Hwy. 105 raised median

A project to add a raised median, sidewalks and public transit stops on Hwy. 105 has reached 55 percent completion but has been paused to add additional work.

Timeline: Oct. 4, 2016-third quarter 2018

Improve landscaping on I-45

A $3.3 million TxDOT project to improve landscaping on I-45 from I-10 in Harris County through Montgomery County has reached 73 percent completion.

Timeline: March 2016-TBA

Expand McCaleb Road

Montgomery County will expand McCaleb Road from two to four lanes from Hwy. 105 to the overpass bridge of the BNSF Railway tracks along FM 2854.

Timeline: January 2018-early 2019

Park and ride on FM 2854

Conroe has rejected two bids from bus operators for a recently completed park and ride on FM 2854 under the I-45 overpass. Bus services are expected to begin in early 2018.

Timeline: Early 2018