Q&A: Greyson M. Dunn is running for Place 6 seat on Plano ISD board of trustees


Greyson M. Dunn is running for the Place 6 seat on the Plano ISD board of trustees.

Dunn is running against current Place 6 trustee Jeri Chambers.

Community Impact Newspaper sent Dunn a set of questions about his candidacy. This article is part of ongoing May 4 election coverage and does not constitute an endorsement of the candidate. His answers have been edited for publication style.

1. Why did you decide to run for this position?

I am running for a position on the PISD board of trustees because I have two young children living in the district, and I feel I can make a difference in the quality of their education.

2. What experience—professionally or politically—do you have that would prepare you for this position? 

I have never previously ran for a political position, but I am an attorney and I feel that my 16 years experience in that position will be an asset to PISD.

3. If elected, what are some specific policies you would like to implement in PISD? 

My top priority as a member of the PISD board of trustees will be to help bring an academy-style education program specialized to the individual needs of exceptional students. I envision a program that provides such a high level of education to students based on their individual needs that parents who would normally send their students outside the district to schools such as Jesuit or Hockaday would instead choose to remain within the district and attend the academy in Plano. This program would not only be available to those that can afford to send their children to exceptional schools outside the district, but will be available to any student within PISD. Attendance at a Plano academy would be merit-based and not based on external factors, such as race, socio-economic background or social connections. It would be strictly based on the abilities of those students who choose to apply and can pass an entrance exam that tests their ability to excel educationally.

The greatest thing we can do as a community is to help every student achieve their highest level of personal success, through an education that challenges them individually—an education that helps each student grow and become a person that we as a community can all admire and be proud of.

4. Are there specific areas in the district’s budget that you would consider funding more or funding less? 

I would increase funding in the gifted and advanced education programs.

5. What else do you want constituents to know about you and your background? 

I am a fifth-generation Texan whose parents came from the cotton farms of West Texas. I grew up in Richardson and was always aware of the reputation Plano has for excellence in education. In addition to the present traditional education programs that are at the heart of PISD, I feel that we should also innovate in areas that best serve the need of our children. An academy program, with separate facilities and uniforms, created for students with gifted abilities, would not only help our community but would also help attract businesses that value a high level of education and want that opportunity for the children of their employees.
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