5 things to know about Flower Mound Town Council’s Morriss Road decision


At the Feb. 5 Flower Mound Town Council meeting, members discussed and voted on moving forward with Morriss Road Phase II improvements. Here are five things you need to know about it:

  1. All five Council Members voted against moving forward with making Morriss Road six lanes

The need to replace a failing waterline under portions of Morriss Road spurred Flower Mound officials to take a look at possibly expanding the roadway from FM 3040 to Garden Road and eventually all the way up to FM 407. For more information on the initial plan, click here.

2. Morriss Road is still on the town’s Master Transportation Plan as a major arterial road, which would make it subject to be expanded in the future

To change the road’s designation on the plan, staff must an application to the Transportation Commission. The commission will then review it and make it a recommendation. If the commission recommends the road have a change of designation, it will then move to Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council for approval.

3. Council is considering other options for improving Morriss

Council asked staff to bring forward options for improving Morriss, such as the Fuqua/Forestwood option, adding bike lanes, and widening the lanes of Morriss Road between FM 1171 and FM 3040 to 12 foot-lanes.

The Fuqua/Forestwood option provides a turn lane into Forestwood Middle School. The turn lane would be created by shifting one of the current lanes to where the median is. Staff said this option would increase capacity of Morriss during school pickup times and increasing visibility for vehicles exiting from Fuqua.

4. Speed limit is being looked at

As a way to address safety issues, Council is recommending the Transportation Commission look at changing the speed limit to 35 miles per hour on Morriss south of FM 1171 and north of FM 3040.

5. The town will possibly be responsible for paying more money

Although the cost of the project is the same, without any capacity improvements on Morriss, the town will have to increase the amount of money it pays out due to the fact that a lump sum of funding was tied to capacity improvements.

Town staff is currently working with grantors to see if the funds tied to capacity improvements—SH 121 Regional Toll Revenue—can be used to fund the other improvements.

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  1. To me, the real nugget here is number 5. So, by ONLY taking care of the failing waterline, the town (Flower Mound taxpayers) will now be on the hook for more money because if they’re NOT going to expand/improve capacity on the roadway, TxDoT (I assume that’s where the original funding is coming from) will not pay as much….so, Flower Mound taxpayers will have to foot more of the bill whereas if they widened the road, Flower Mound taxpayers would pay less. That’s a huge issue in my opinion.

  2. Brian Campbell

    I’m glad that Morriss will stay a 4-lane divided road. Dan Jaworski, FM taxpayers will actually save $3+ million and not foot more of the bill since FM won’t widen road. Cost to widen to 6 lanes would be $4 million. Approx $800,000 from SRT 121 Tollway funds was available only to go towards widening (capacity increase). Replacing failing water lines and the failing concrete panels will cost about $4 million, and this work will probably be done soon, but the $800,000 would not have gone towards water lines & concrete replacement.

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