Concrete installed on SH 26 and 3 other road projects in Grapevine, Colleyville and Southlake


Here are four ongoing transportation projects happening over the month of April in Grapevine, Colleyville and Southlake.

SH 26 widening Phase 3

Construction activity on the east side of SH 26 continues with concrete installation from John McCain Road to Hall-Johnson Road in Colleyville. Concrete installation is also continuing for the new northbound lanes from Church Street to Pleasant Run Road and from Hall-Johnson to Church.  Additional work continues at the remaining segments of the intersections of Hall-Johnson, Church, Industrial Boulevard and Tarrant Lane on the east side of SH 26. Crews are also working on bridge construction on the west side of SH 26 at Little Bear Creek bridge with a storm drain and the installation of inlets.

Timeline: November 2016-fall 2019
Cost: $38.2 million
Funding source: Texas Department of Transportation

FM 1938/Davis Boulevard widening

FM 1938 construction activity continues on the north end of the project with crews building new northbound lanes from near Brookforest Drive north to Randol Mill Avenue. Once this work has been completed, crews will shift their focus to reconstructing the remaining southbound lanes in this section, which includes the side street tie-in of Fawkes Lane. In the coming weeks, drivers will see activity on the north end of the project as crews install the remaining irrigation, landscaping and lighting. The screen wall construction on the east side of FM 1938 continues with construction of the remaining columns and the beginning of panel placement. The 1.6-mile project is widening the existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane roadway with curbed medians.

Timeline: spring 2015-fall 2019
Cost: $20 million
Funding source: TxDOT

Continental Boulevard resurfacing

Following a March 2018 report that the pavement of Continental Boulevard had experienced extensive wear and tear, the city of Southlake entered an agreement with Tarrant County to resurface this road. The resurfacing area is located at 600 feet east of Byron Nelson Parkway and 378 feet east of Crooked Lane. With the partnership, the county will provide labor, heavy equipment and half of the cost for the project’s fuel. The city will make any necessary subgrade repairs, manage all traffic control and stripe the new pavement. Once the project begins, officials expect the project to take no more than a few weeks, weather permitting.

Timeline: summer-fall
Cost: $400,000
Funding sources: city of Southlake, Tarrant County

SH 121/I-635 interchange widening

Crews continue utility work throughout the project. The project has crews conducting a drain crossing that will navigate through the SH 121 main lanes, which will result in road closures. Grading and paving work continues on the northbound SH 121 frontage road at Bass Pro Drive. Work continues on the road alignment, with column and bridge cap work moving at a steady pace along the SH 121/I-635 interchange. Deck work on the east side of the new Bass Pro Drive bridge is ongoing.

Timeline: August 2018-2022
Cost: $370 million
Funding source: TxDOT

All information on this page was updated as of 3/22/19. News or questions about these or other local transportation projects? Email us at

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  1. Hood lane in Grapevine needs to be brought up to code. Needs proper curbing and drainage. Also needs a proper school zone sign that blinks at the correct times. There is no excuse for why this hasn’t already been done, 2019 already.

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