Frisco’s May transportation updates


Frisco Transportation Update

1. Preston Road improvements

Construction is underway to add turn lanes to five intersections along Preston Road. The traffic signals at these intersections will also be modified. Construction is expected to wrap up by the end of this year.

Timeline: February-December
Cost: $3.4 million
Funding sources: city of Frisco, Texas Department of Transportation

2. Main Street widening

Construction to widen Main Street is ongoing. The project, which stretches from FM 423 to Dallas Parkway, will add a lane to either side of the roadway. Construction also includes installing a 30-inch water line and underground power lines.

Timeline: October 2017-March 2019
Cost: $27.6 million
Funding sources: city of Frisco, Brazos Electric

3. Ohio Drive roundabouts

Three roundabouts are planned for Ohio Drive at the Stonecrest Road, Gaylord Parkway and Warren Parkway intersections. The roundabout at Warren is expected to start construction by September. The other two are scheduled to begin construction next year.

Timeline: September 2018-June 2019 (Warren), September 2019-March 2020 (Stonecrest and Gaylord)
Cost: TBD
Funding sources: TBD

4. 4th Army Drive extension

The second phase of the 4th Army Drive extension project will extend the roadway from the Stewart Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant to Timber Ridge Drive. The first phase was completed last year and extended the roadway from Lebanon Road to the treatment plant.

Timeline: July 2016-June 2018 (Phase 2)
Cost: $11.4 million
Funding source: city of Frisco

5. Hillcrest Road extension

Hillcrest Road is planned to be extended to connect to Rockhill Parkway. The project is under design, and construction is expected to begin by September.

Timeline: September-December
Cost: TBD
Funding sources: TBD

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