Community Impact Newspaper sent Q&As to each candidate running in the Nov. 7 Kyle City Council elections.

Originally from Whitesboro, Texas, Kyle mayoral candidate Bill Sinor said he is running his campaign on responsible spending and prioritizing current and future projects.

Answers have been edited for clarity.

Q: How do you think Kyle should adapt to keep current residents and attract new residents and visitors to stay and explore what Kyle has to offer?
A: The city can begin to develop regional events and then branch out to attract visitors from around the state. The proposed public-private partnership to develop Blanco Vista Park for amateur sports could be an attraction. We can also work with area organizations to help them develop successful events. The city has lost two great events to Buda—Mariachi Festival and Lions Club Fajita Fest—because of a lack of support.

Q: With a rapidly increasing housing market, how do you think housing affordability should be addressed in the upcoming years?
A: To help pay for infrastructure, the city raised development fees (impact fees, transportation fees, etc.) which is passed on to the cost of the house. We need a plan for lowering these in the future. We need to stop over-regulating the aesthetics of new house designs.

Q: With Kyle going through immense growing pains, which infrastructure issues do you believe need to be addressed first?
A: Wastewater expansion. We are almost at capacity on our existing plant. If this problem is not solved, we will have to impose a building moratorium. Along with that, repair and maintenance of existing roads for our citizens.

Q: What solutions do you have for the city to lessen the effects of flooding in the future?
A: Regular schedule for maintenance and inspection of drainage ditches and retention facilities. Develop incentives for rainwater catchment. Analysis of the impact of new development on existing drainage as part of [Planning and Zoning] approval process.

Q: There has been vocal output from residents about a lack of government transparency and accountability in Kyle. Do you see this as a problem that needs to be addressed? Please explain your answer?
A: Yes. I see this as a huge problem. Both the council and the city manager should address this issue. The council should address citizens at public meetings with respect and to respond to all communications from citizens promptly, also have their contact information available on the city’s website to facilitate communication. The city manager should instruct all staff that information should be made available to citizens and make it clear that we work for the taxpayer, not the other way around. Improve the audio of meetings and the online streaming of all meetings.

Q: What is the biggest issue you think Kyle has faced this year, and how would you address this issue?
A: Uncontrolled, unbridled growth which encompasses the myriad of specific problems we have faced such as the wastewater plant expansion, repair of roads, flooding, high tax rate and fees.