Community Impact Newspaper sent Q&As to each candidate running in the Nov. 7 Kyle City Council elections.

Calling Kyle home, Lt. Alexander Villalobos is running for Kyle City Council Place 4. His campaign is on public safety, balanced economic development and community engagement.

Answers have been edited for clarity.

Q: What should be done to Kyle to keep current residents and attract new residents and visitors to stay and explore what Kyle has to offer?
A: The city of Kyle has experienced significant growth and continues to be in a growth pattern. Most of our growth has been centered around residential development, with recent developments providing various types of housing for a broad scale of economic profiles and retail businesses. We need to balance small business opportunities and industry that will allow families to work and live in Kyle.  With this growth comes the growing pains of infrastructure development and strategic planning to sustain both the current and projected growth pattern. Strategic planning for infrastructure should balance maintenance of existing and new roads, water and sewer utilities, and recreational facilities. The city needs a strong advocate for an adequately funded and staffed public safety program.  

Q: With a rapidly increasing housing market, how do you think housing affordability should be addressed in the upcoming years?
A: The city of Kyle needs to have housing options available to all residents of Kyle, without regard to economic means. The city needs to develop and follow a long-term plan that ensures the appropriate supply of housing options. This is done through the permitting process and incentives. In addition to providing housing options, Kyle should focus on business development that brings jobs with sustainable wages to support living, buying and playing in Kyle. My proven ability to promote and foster community engagement and partnership will be a strong asset to creating opportunities for a housing market that is responsive to entire community of Kyle.

Q: With Kyle going through immense growing pains, which infrastructure issues do you believe need to be addressed first?
A: Kyle has focused on establishing new roads that effectively move traffic within Kyle and to I-35. Increased focus should be on maintenance of existing roads as well as stormwater runoff, drainage and wastewater treatment.

Q: What solutions do you have for the city to lessen the effects of flooding in the future?
A: [Kyle] should engage with industry experts and other municipalities to develop scientifically proven solutions that will effectively manage floodwaters. The plan to should address current growth as well as long term sustained growth in the city of Kyle as well as the surround area. Additionally, the plan should review the current and future capabilities of first responders.  

Q: There has been vocal output from residents about a lack of government transparency and accountability in Kyle. Do you see this as a problem that needs to be addressed? Please explain your answer?
A: No matter the reality, if the city has a perception of a lack transparency and accountability with regard to its operations that must be addressed head on. Accountability to all stakeholders and transparency in the process without a doubt yields a better result. As a city council member, it is important that we continually strive to develop a more clear, concise and transparent process regarding the city’s business. The accessibility of information is a key factor in promoting and fostering opportunities for community involvement and engagement. 

Q: What is the biggest issue you think Kyle has faced this year, and how would you address this issue?
A: Our city has sustained significant growth. With this growth, our community has sustained a significant increase in debt for necessary infrastructure. As your city council member, we must ensure the city provides for infrastructure needs across all areas of the city and does so within available resources. Infrastructure development must be used as a tool to balance the growth of small business and other employment centers with residential development and creative opportunities for affordable housing.