Kyle City Council Place 4 candidate Tim McHutchion talks about giving Kyle a new voice in Q&A


Community Impact Newspaper sent Q&As to each candidate running in the Nov. 7 Kyle City Council elections.

Kyle City Council Place 4 candidate Tim McHutchion said he is campaigning to bring government back to the people and continued infrastructure development in Kyle.

Answers have been edited for clarity.

Q: How do you think Kyle should adapt to keep current residents and attract new residents and visitors to stay and explore what Kyle has to offer?

A: The $36 million bond is now starting to address infrastructure for a number of roads in Kyle. These are Philomena and Goforth roads. Next, Lehman, Bunton, Burleson, and Marketplace roads. This infrastructure will allow citizens to feel proud to call Kyle home. I support further infrastructure to beautify our city. I support infrastructure growth of Old Downtown Kyle so that it can become a family tourist destination. This will lead to folks to exploring our city, seeing out streets, parks, small business, and will see that Kyle is a family friendly and will want to call our city home.

Q: With a rapidly increasing housing market, how do you think housing affordability should be addressed in the upcoming years?

A: I believe that with proper zoning and city construction requirements met by developers, that we can move forward to provide supportable housing to allow more citizens to be able to become homeowners, which would make them feel more a part of our city. Of course, this would be accomplished by aggressively seeking out developers whom would be willing and able to meet the cost criteria per home in that development.

Q: With Kyle going through immense growing pains, which infrastructure issues do you believe need to be addressed first?

A: The first order of business in infrastructure growth is our wastewater treatment plant. This plant currently processes 3 million gallons of wastewater per day. The first part of this expansion will call for an additional 11.5 million gallons per day. This infrastructure growth is imperative to our city so that we can proved the necessary and basic serves to our current and future residents and irrigation water for public areas. The second would be the continued funding for additional street infrastructure upgrade in our city.

Q: What solutions do you have for the city to lessen the effects of flooding in the future?

A: I believe that the city should conduct its own study with public works to proactively look at our current situation on flooding and move forward with studies before hiring any outside entity to do this to save the city’s money.

Q: There has been vocal output from residents about a lack of government transparency and accountability in Kyle. Do you see this as a problem that needs to be addressed? Please explain your answer?

A: My campaign slogan is “a new voice for Kyle” —not my voice, [but] the residents of District 3 as well as Kyle. The residents of Kyle are the government and we are their elected public servants. It is the responsibility of these elected officials to ensure that they are meeting and exceeding the expectations of the residents of Kyle to ensure transparency and accountability to the people. I will strive to hear these voices by meeting with the residents and business owners monthly to ensure that we are meeting these expectations, and if not, how we can work on achieving this.

Q: What is the biggest issue you think Kyle has faced this year, and how would you address this issue?

A: In District 4, as well as the city, the concern I have heard is the issue of sidewalk repairs for homes in Kyle. Homeowners are required to pay for the repairs of sidewalks in front of their homes. The city ordinance on this issue was created when Kyle was a much smaller town and did not have a very large infrastructure or city budget. It worked for many years, but in the last 15 years, our explosive growth has created an infrastructure [problem] and a larger budget in out city. I will work hard to find a solution for this.

Phone number: 512-757-0101



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