5 development highlights in Round Rock, Pflugerville and Hutto


News updates from developments underway in your community.

Round Rock


Construction is underway on a UPS Inc. package distribution center on approximately 50 acres of land near the intersection of Louis Henna and A.W. Grimes boulevards.

The facility’s structure is complete, and crews are currently working on finishing out the interior, exterior pavement work and equipment installation.

City and Williamson County crews are working on improvements to Roundville Lane to accommodate the facility.

Once open, the center is expected to have approximately 300 employees.
Space: 245,157 square feet
Timeline: expected to open November 2018


Crossing Point, at the intersection of I-35 and SH 45, features dining, retail, fitness and learning businesses and services.

Seven businesses are already open at Crossing Point and six more are preparing to open. Those include Bonchon, Ding Tea, Aspen Dental, Crunch Fitness, Teriyaki Madness and one more business that has not yet been announced.

Roughly 16,000 square feet of space is available for lease at the development. Adam Zimel with Endeavor Real Estate Group said they are hoping to find more restaurants to occupy the remaining space, which includes one storefront fronting I-35.
Space: 110,000 square feet
Timeline: Construction completed in fall 2017, first businesses opened at the end of 2017



The Hutto Crossing development will deliver 465 acres of mixed-use development including retail, office space, restaurants, big box retailers, living units and more to the Carmel Creek area. Fast-food franchises Wendy’s and Popeye’s have signed on to lease pad sites on the development.

Parts of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail will wind through the property.
Space: Total development area is 465 acres; Mixed-use retail development area is 116 acres.
Timeline: Infrastructure and Brushy Creek Regional Trail work set to break ground in early April. No timeline set for tenant move-in.


Hutto Plaza will bring Hutto’s first-ever two-story office building, including space for retail, medical office space, commercial office space and possible restaurant space.

The development itself is comprised of two separate buildings of similar architecture. One building is a one-story retail building and the second building is a two-story structure that is designed for mixed-use purposes. No tenants are yet currently signed to occupy space in the building.

Construction on the development began late 2017. Work on the building has gone vertical.
Space: 22,800 square feet
Timeline: Developers expect to deliver the building to tenants in June.



City Council voted Feb. 27 to approve an agreement with Costco Wholesale Corp. for the company to construct and maintain an above-ground detention basin on the development property.

Previously, council approved an economic development agreement among the city, the Pflugerville Community Development Corp. and the Travis County Emergency Services District No. 2/Pflugerville Fire Department to fund $6.25 million in infrastructure costs for the Costco store.

Per the terms of the agreement, Costco will open in July. The Costco store, located on more than 16 acres of property at the southeast corner of SH 130 and Kelly Lane, will include a 3,912-square-foot liquor store, an optical exam center and 750 parking spaces.
Space: 150,000 square feet
Timeline: Expected to open July

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  1. It’s a disgrace that in this overheated economy that Pf taxpayers are having to subsidize any more new businesses, when we can’t find enough workers for the businesses we already have. (Remember when nearby In/Out was offering $15/hour to anybody who would work in their hamburger joint when they first opened up?) PCDC should have been disbanded years ago, yet they continue to charge us a sales tax for their counterproductive economic development activities, adding insult to injury. Seriously folks, with all the potential customers in Pflugerville, would COSTCO not have opened a location here in town if it they didn’t get a taxpayer handout? I seriously doubt it. Now we’re going to have even worse traffic problems in that area of town, and Pf officials already gave away most of the future tax benefit! Those Costco development guys are geniuses. (On the bright side, this new Costco deal has to go better than that disastrous religious water park deal that the city bought into just a few years ago, that was supposed to turn Pf into a tourist destination. And what ever became of that billion dollar mixed use development that was supposed to go in the cornfield next to the water park?)

    • Pf Taxpayer Also

      Seriously–get over it. Costco is a boon to our little town. Aside from the jobs and the tax revenue, this store will be a destination for people from Round Rock, Hutto, etc., not to mention Pflugerville residents. In the end, this is a no-brainer.

      That being said, I agree 100% with you about the water park–I saw that one coming a mile away. But a tried and true retail magnet? Don’t lump that in with a trendy amusement park.

  2. Happy in Hutto

    I am happy we are getting a Costco. The only thing I worry about is the traffic. Just getting to Kelly lane is bad enough now. And no way to get around the already slow traffic. Any plans now for the congestion

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