Q&A: Kristen Huguley, director of the Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation

Kristen Huguley started in her new role as the Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundationu2019s executive director nin July.

Kristen Huguley started in her new role as the Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundationu2019s executive director nin July.

The Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation gained a new executive director in July: Kristen Huguley.

Huguley formerly served as the executive director of Texas Humane Heroes after volunteering, working as the adoption marketing manager, director of operations and assistant director of the organization.
Some of her other past experiences included serving as a marketing manager and account management.

What does LEEF provide to LISD and the surrounding community?

LEEF provides resources within the entire district that support innovation, enrichment and equity. We do so through our literacy, career- and college-readiness, and grant programs. The community benefits from the support provided to teachers and students, which enriches and strengthens our community, and we’re a conduit for individuals and businesses to support the district.

Why were you interested in becoming LEEF’s new executive director?

I’ve always loved school. I enjoyed going to class, learning from my teachers and fellow students and feeling a boost of confidence from accomplishing a task. [I] still do! I realized when we toured Glenn High School through [the Leander Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership] Leander program last year that I felt at home in a school environment. I love the excitement, encouragement and energy that you feel on campus and the potential of limitless possibilities.

What are your responsibilities as the director of LEEF?

I’m responsible for leading the organization by executing our board of directors’ strategy and vision, creating organizational and district awareness, developing community relationships, and ensuring our sustainability to support teachers and students within the district for years to come. As LISD continues grow[ing] we want to match it to continue to support the entire district.

How did your previous experience as the executive director of Texas Humane Heroes prepare you for your new role?

I learned valuable lessons in business, relationship development, operations and handling tough situations in my role at Texas Humane Heroes. At the core of any nonprofit or individual who wants to give back and make a difference in their community, it comes down to realizing your passion and finding an outlet for it. When you can match people, passion and organizations, you can change the world.

What are you most looking forward to as a part of LEEF in the upcoming year?

There are so many events and opportunities that I’m looking forward to, most specifically the MUDstacle. I’ve heard it’s such a fun, interactive and engaging community event. If the energy and excitement matches my first district event experience, which was convocation, it will be amazing!

How can readers become involved in the

Readers can become involved as volunteers, advocates or donors. We’re always looking for event volunteers, and we’re looking to develop a team of community members that can attend community events and share who we are and what we do. Readers can become advocates and share their love for LEEF with others as well as follow us on Facebook and Twitter to engage with and share our content. They can also host a book drive, and we have an Amazon Wish List on our website to share. Lastly, becoming a monetary supporter helps students and teachers throughout the district.

What is one other thing readers should know about you?

I’m a hard-working, dedicated and passionate individual. I’m here to impact the entire district and enhance the important work that the foundation has done since 2007. Together, we can do more in LISD!