Williams Drive, Leander Road and other Georgetown transportation project updates

Recent Updates

1. Williams Drive intersection (A) and access-management (B) improvements
City staff continues to work with the Texas Department of Transportation on advance funding agreements for the project to improve turning movements at Lakeway Drive and Williams Drive. The project will work to consolidate commercial driveways and realign them. Keeping the small streets and intersections aligned with each other as opposed to offset is better for traffic flow, Transportation Planning Coordinator Ray Miller said.

Timeline: improvements anticipated to begin in late 2020
Cost: $2.15 million
Funding sources: federal, state, 2015 Georgetown road bond

2. Leander Road expansion from Southwest Bypass to Norwood Drive
The project to upgrade the road from a two-lane to a four-lane divided section with signal and pedestrian improvements continues as city staff work with TxDOT on advance funding agreements.

Timeline: preliminary designs created, city anticipates going to bid for the expansion in late 2022
Cost: $8.88 million
Funding sources: federal, state, 2015 Georgetown road bond

3. Old 1460 Trail transfer
Old 1460 Trail is the original alignment of FM 1460 and was a state-owned and-maintained roadway. With the completion of the FM 1460 realignment project it is no longer necessary for Old 1460 Trail to be a state roadway, so city staff requested Old 1460 Trail and its right of way be transferred to the city.

Timeline: city will maintain road as a municipal street throughout the 1460 realignment project
Cost: yearly mowing and maintenance and future reconstruction
Funding sources: city of Georgetown

Featured project

4. Georgetown Village subdivision pavement improvements
The Georgetown Transportation Advisory Board recommended a bid from Andale Construction Inc. in June for a pavement project. The bid included furnishing, installing and providing all labor and materials required for the application of about 220,000 square yards of high-performance pavement seal treatment, traffic control and miscellaneous striping. The pavement sealant will be applied to existing streets, which were identified in the city’s overall pavement condition index study as needing sealant to help preserve and protect the pavement and its subgrade from water intrusion, said Wesley Wright, Georgetown systems engineering director. Andale Construction Inc. has done similar projects for the city previously.

Timeline: work expected to begin in late August or early September depending on contractor’s schedule and should last about 60 days
Cost: $832,726
Funding source: city of Georgetown