5 roadwork updates for Georgetown drivers to know


Ongoing projects

1. Austin Avenue bridges project

Georgetown public works officials hosted an open house Feb. 27 to get public input on railing designs as part of the Austin Avenue bridges project. City Council voted in October 2018 to move forward with a plan to rehabilitate the bridges and add a new pedestrian span at a total cost of $7 million-$10 million. (Estimated timeline: To be determined)

2. Rivery Boulevard extension

Crews have begun installing pavement base material and utility-related components in a $5.1 million Rivery Boulevard extension northward between Williams Drive and Northwest Boulevard. (Estimated timeline: August 2018-summer)

3. Southwest Bypass

A $19.8 million Williamson County-funded project is adding a south segment to the Southwest Bypass to connect Leander Road with the I-35 frontage road to the south. (Estimated timeline: September 2019-late 2019)

Recent updates

4. Austin Avenue intersections

Work to repair curbs and add crosswalks at the intersections of 4A Austin Avenue and 11th Street and 4B Austin and 10th Street, along with nearby waterline and crosswalk installations, will cause lane closures on Austin between Eighth and 12th streets. Drivers should also expect additional lane closures on 10th and 11th streets between Rock and Main streets.

Timeline: February-June
Cost: $745,195
Funding source: city of Georgetown, 2015 Georgetown road bond

5. Rivery Boulevard turn lanes

New right-turn lanes are complete and open to traffic along Rivery Boulevard at intersections with Wolf Ranch Parkway and Hintz Road. An additional right-turn lane at Rivery and Williams Drive is in design.

Timeline: summer 2018-early 2019
Cost: $1.4 million
Funding source: Georgetown
Transportation Enhancement Corp.

All information on this page was updated as of 3/1/19. News or questions about these or other local transportation projects? Email us at geonews@communityimpact.com

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  1. Steve Geneva.,Sun City

    The east/west speed limit on Williams Drive at Shell Road and DB Wood is 50 MPH. If turning left , there is a yellow flashing arrow after the green light which, according to your article, I could make a left on to DB Wood following the precautions stated. However, only if the speed limit through the intersection was 45 MPH, which it is not. There really should not be a yellow, just a change from red to a green arrow like there is when turning left from Shell onto Williams. Actually, I have long believed 50 MPH through that intersection is far too fast. Especially now with all the new businesses and housing being built. Appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

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