UPDATED: With 116 of 118 precincts reporting, Bill Gravell likely to face Democrat Blane Conklin for Williamson County Judge


During the March primaries, three spots on the Williamson County Commissioners Court are up for election: the county judge position, as well and Precinct 2 and Precinct 4 commissioners.

Follow along below as the results roll in.

Williamson County Judge


Bill Gravell

Bill Gravell

Bill Gravell: 17,580 votes

At 7 p.m., Gravell had 10,374 votes, or just over 54 percent.

At 8:23, he had 10,630 votes, or about 54 percent.

At 9:28 p.m., he had 12,559 votes, or just under 55 percent.

At 10:11 p.m., he had 14,030 votes, or 54 percent.

At 11:25, with 116 of 118 polling places recorded, Gravell was leading with 17,580 votes, or 52 percent.

Frank Leffingwell

Frank Leffingwell

Frank Leffingwell: 15,979 votes

At 7 p.m., Leffingwell had 8,737 votes, nearly 46 percent.

At 8:23, he had 8,969 votes, or about 46 percent.

At 9:28, he’d received just above 45 percent of the counted votes, or 10,472 votes.

At 10:11 p.m., he had 11,949 votes, or 46 percent.

At 11:25, with 116 of 118 polling places recorded, Leffingwell was behind Gravell with 15,979 votes, or 48 percent.


Blane Conklin: 15,673 votes

Blane Conklin is running unopposed.

At 7 p.m., Conklin had 11,757 votes.

At 8:23 p.m., he had 11,968 votes.

At 9:28, he had 13,396 votes.

At 10:11 p.m., he had 15,673 votes.

At 11:25, Conklin had 20,307 votes.

Williamson County Commissioner Precinct 2

Incumbent Cynthia Long is defending her spot.

Democrat Kasey Redus is running unopposed.


Bart Turek

Bart Turek

Bart Turek: 1,487 votes

At 7 p.m., Turek had 1,167 votes, about 31 percent.

At 8:23 p.m., Turek had 1,201 votes.

At 9:28, he had 1,296 votes.

At 10:11, he had 1,487 votes, or about 31 percent of reported votes.

Cynthia Long*

Cynthia Long*

Cynthia Long: 3,319 votes

At 7 p.m., Long had 2,556 votes, or nearly 67 percent of the total reported.

At 8:23 p.m., she had 2,616 votes, about 69 percent.

At 9:28 p.m., she had 2,880 votes, still about 69 percent.

At 10:11, she was still in the lead with 3,319 votes, still 69 percent.


Kasey Redus

Kasey Redus: 4,092 votes

Redus is running unopposed.

At 7 p.m., Redus had received 3,128 votes.

At 8:23, she had 3,172 votes.

At 9:28 p.m., she had 3,396 votes.

At 10:11 p.m., 4,092 votes.

Williamson Commissioners Court Precinct 4

Incumbent Larry Madsen did not file for reelection, and five contenders are running for his spot.

Democrat Carlos Salinas is running unopposed.


Bobby Seiferman

Experience: served on the Round Rock ISD board of trustees; two years as RRISD Policy Committee Chairman; represented RRISD on the Capital Area Council of Governments

Bobby Seiferman: 1,213 votes

At 7 p.m., with 911 votes, Seiferman was second among the GOP candidates.

At 8:23, he had 916 votes.

At 9:28, he had 1,078, and was still in second.

At 10:11, he had 1,213 votes, with about 25 percent of the vote.

David Marek: 615 votes

At 7 p.m., Marek was trailing behind with 434 votes.

At 8:23, he had 443 votes.

At 9:28, he had 548 votes.

At 10:11, Marek had 615 votes.

Heather Peal

Experience: works in private sector

Heather Peal: 1,102 votes

At 7 p.m., Peal had 749 votes, coming in third among Republicans.

At 8:23 she had 763 votes.

At 9:28, she had 912 votes.

At 10:11, Peal had 1,102 votes, or just under 23 percent.

Russ Boles

Experience: currently serving as director of Brazos River Authority; works as commercial real estate broker

Russ Boles: 1,935 votes

At 7 p.m., Boles had nearly 1,500 votes, in the lead with just over 40 percent of the vote.

At 8:23, he had 1,490.

At 9:28, he was still in the lead with 1,714 votes.

At 10:11, he had 1,935 votes, nearly 40 percent.


Carlos Salinas: 3,129 votes

Carlos Salinas is running unopposed. At 7 p.m., he’d received 2,520 votes.

At 8:23, he had 2,550 votes.

At 9:28, he had 2,963 votes.

At 10:11, he had 3,129 votes.

All results are unofficial until canvassed. For more local primary election results and coverage, visit communityimpact.com/vote.

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