Since 2007, Record Store Day has evolved into an annual daylong gathering of seasoned collectors, fresh converts and even record flippers who brave long lines and the anguish of limited quantities all in search of a particular from-the-vault release, a live recording or brand new item from a beloved musical artist.

Now international in scope—with events in no less than 12 countries, according to its organizers—Record Store Day is an especially beloved event in Austin, which has always enjoyed a vibrant and eclectic vinyl community even as the record-collecting tradition fell on hard times in other communities starting in the early ‘90s with the rise of the compact disc format.

Community Impact Newspaper reached out to all of the participating Austin-area businesses listed on the official RSD website and a number of the stores provided event details or shared information via an event page.

Here’s a roundup of events taking place on RSD at participating record shops in and around Austin:

End of an Ear, 4304 Clawson Road, 512-462-6008

Top Three RSD items based on customer interest:

RSD notes from co-owner Dan Plunkett:
“We will be doing the yearly Record Store Day crawl discount, where if someone shows a receipt from another record store in town that day, they get 10 percent off. We will open an hour early at 10 a.m. on Saturday.”

Waterloo Records, 600 N. Lamar Blvd., Ste. A, 512-474-2500

Top Three RSD items based on customer interest (provided by Marketing and Event Director Jessie Johnson):

8 a.m.-11 p.m.

According to an event page on Facebook, Waterloo Records will have more than 450 titles on LP and CD as well as free coffee and pastries courtesy of Irene’s. For more information, see the store’s FB event page.

Antone’s Record Shop, 2928 Guadalupe St., 512-211-0660

Hours: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (Visit the store’s event page on Facebook for additional details)

A short Q&A with Antone’s Record Shop co-owner Eve Monsees:
Q: Do you have devoted regulars who shop at your store every year for RSD?
A: Record Store Day is literally our busiest day of the year and has been since it started 11 years ago, so we see our regulars and new faces.

Q: Is RSD something you look forward to? What's your most favorite-least favorite thing about it?
A: We always look forward to Record Store Day! There's a lot of excitement surrounding it. Running a record store in 2018 is full of challenges and hard work, so it's great to have a day that celebrates record store culture. “Happy Record Store Day” is a typical greeting from our customers throughout the day. It may sound like a novel idea, but the fact that RSD gets people out and excited about records speaks for itself. Because the exclusives are pressed in such limited quantities,
we do sell out of titles, so it's unfortunate that not everyone gets what they want. But I suppose that's what creates the frenzy to get out there and get out there early—to try and get that special item.

Q: Does your store have any in-house specials that you might be running on RSD?
A: The first few years of RSD we hosted in-store events; live music performances and signings. But it grew so much that it now makes more sense for us to keep the focus on the records. In addition to the exclusives that come out that day, we work hard to ensure we have as many great used records out on the floor as possible. We are also part of the "Indie Crawl" which allows customers in Austin to present a receipt from one participating store to another for a discount.

Breakaway Records, 211 North Loop Blvd., 512-538-0174

Top Three RSD items based on customer interest:

A short Q&A with co-owner Josh LaRue:
Q: Do you have devoted regulars who shop at your store every year for RSD?
A: For sure. People we see every year but only on that day, and lots of regulars that we see frequently who also come on RSD.
Q: Is RSD something you look forward to? What's you most favorite-least favorite thing about it?
A: It's a great day for us, though it is a lot of work preparing and making the actual day run as smoothly as possible. It's usually a pretty fun day (especially after the first few crazy hours are over) for the customers and the staff. It's great to see such strong local support for a small business. The preparation is my least favorite part. That and having to see some disappointment when we run out of a desired title.
Q: Does your store have any in-house specials that you might be running to on RSD?
A: We don't have a specific sale or anything that day. We have giveaways we do with purchases, we'll have DJ's playing great music (see the store’s RSD event page on Facebook for a DJ schedule and a ).

Piranha Records, 1208 N. I-35, 512-238-0418

Top Three RSD items based on customer interest:
• Jazz Dispensary – “Soul Diesel” compilation, Volume 2 LP
• Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – “Live on KEXP” LP
• Led Zeppelin – “Friends” b/w “Rock and Roll” 7"

RSD store hours:
10 a.m.-9 p.m.

RSD notes from owner John Aleman:
1) There will be 10 Record Bingo records hidden throughout the store on Saturday (4/21) as a special treat for Record Store Day. If you find one, you win a special prize!
2) All $1 LPS will be 25 cents.
3) All used CDs and DVDs are half off.
4) Early customers get an RSD bag along with free breakfast burritos and coffee while supplies last

Other Austin-area stores participating in Record Store Day include Groovers Paradise Record Shop and Exploded Records at Juiceland. In addition, StingRay Records in New Braunfels is also participating in Record Store Day; read about the store here.