May 02

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Strong Lives: The Mother and 10-18 Tween-Teen Daughter Experience

Strong Lives: The Mother and 10-18 Tween-Teen Daughter Experience


If you are the mother of a 10-18-year-old daughter, you know all too well about your daughter's roller-coaster moods, irritability and shocking reactions to your love-filled well-intended parenting. It's no secret that adolescence is a challenging time for both mothers and their tween-teen daughters. The good news is that there are several ways that friction can be reduced during this time and the mother-daughter bond can be strengthened. A place where moms can meet professionals who have answers to their concerns. During this fun, educational, interactive pre-Mother's Day event, there will be fun and empowerment with educational workshops, including Dr. Trevicia Williams' signature, I Love You, But I Can't Stand You Right Now interactive hands-on workshop where mothers and teen daughters will learn skills for effective communication to build healthy relationships, develop trust and respect, bond and grow. Participants may expect to learn: 1. 3 Ways to build a strong relationship 2. The number #1 way to reduce conflict during communication 3. Why moms are the target of tween-teen daughters' frustrations (it's not mothers' fault) and how to overcome them 4. Ways to loosen the mother-tween-teen daughter relationship and still be the parent 5. Ways to create a mother-daughter bond that lasts a lifetime 6. 3 Rules for cohabitating with a tween-teen daughter This mother-daughter experience also features a series of seminars that are designed to empower and educate about other important issues like image, wellness, beauty, finance, life-work balance, and, technology. According to Mental Health America, 60% of 8-11-year-olds and 56% of 12-15-year-olds say they learn "a lot" from their mothers about sensitive topics. Most youth turn to their mothers before their teachers and classes, fathers, the media, and friends. Featured on the Dr. Oz Show, Megyn Kelly Today and many other media outlets, human behavior expert and author of 33 Things Your 10-18-Year-Old Daughter Would Say, IF She Knew How, Dr. Trevicia Williams, provides information and practical tools for dealing with the dynamics of the mother-daughter relationships during girls' tween and teen years. Seating is limited, so register early. You may register online at / or by calling 214-699-7646. Learn more about speaker, author and full potential living coach Dr. Trevicia Williams at


time 11:00 AM - 02:30 PM
phone 2146997646
cost $20 (admits one mother and a daughter)
location Rountree Elementary
address 800 E. Main St, Allen, TX 75002

800 E. Main St, Allen, TX 75002