Oct 15

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Selling Your Home "As Is"

Selling Your Home


There are a lot of myths out there about what you must or “should” do in order to sell your home. The myths are perpetuated by shows on television featuring real estate agents with pearly white teeth and selling tiny homes for 2 million dollars. Real estate agents further confuse the issue because they advertise homes as “totally remodeled” and make it seem as though these homes are the only ones available.

During this 90-minute panel presentation, we will discuss the pro’s and con’s of fixing up a home to sell, as well as the pitfalls and benefits to selling ‘as-is.”

Here are just a few of the questions that will be answered:

What is necessary to sell a home in the Austin metropolitan area?

What does ’as-is’ really mean and does it make financial sense to sell that way?

How do I know if an as-is cash offer is a fair offer?


time 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
phone 512-937-2772
cost $0
location Laura Bush Community Library
address 9411 Bee Cave Road, Austin, TX, USA

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