Jan 15 - Feb 19

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Absolute Beginning Pilates Reformer Workshop - Pilates 101!

Absolute Beginning Pilates Reformer Workshop - Pilates 101!


New to Pilates and/or the Pilates Reformer equipment? This workshop is a perfect place for you to start. Think Pilates Reformer 101. Everyone is a beginner in this workshop! It’s easy to be intimidated by the equipment in a Pilates studio. The Pilates reformer makes a dramatic impression when you first see one, but once you get started, and continue over a period of time, it will make an even more dramatic change in your body. If your hesitation has been how to use the machine correctly, or how to get started when it looks so challenging, this workshop is your answer! Or if you're just curious...this is a great place to start! Learn the 'whats & hows' of Pilates during this 6-week workshop.


time 06:30 AM - 07:15 AM
phone 5125018704
cost $150 for 6 weeks
location Ballet Austin
address 501 W. 3rd St

501 W. 3rd St

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