Feb 14

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COVID-19 Wall of Memories

COVID-19 Wall of Memories


COVID-19 Wall of Memories is a 501(c)(3) organization that maintains a website memorializing COVID-19 victims. Our objective is for people to understand the full scope of how the epidemic has impacted the U.S. We achieve this both through victims’ stories and through our news and information pages. Our mission is to memorialize and amplify the lives of COVID-19 victims and to provide education about the disease, its spread, and its impacts. The heart of what we do is the digital wall of memories, containing profiles of COVID-19 victims, some submitted through our own research and some submitted by family members of victims. A digital memorial wall displaying the faces and names of people residing in the U.S. who have died of COVID-19. Clicking or tapping on any photo takes you to a profile of that victim. There are around 500 on the wall at this time, and the our goal is simple – to get as close as possible to the total number who have perished. We are dedicated to being a source of news and information about COVID-19 and to honor everyone who passes away from COVID-19 in this country. We believe that each one of them deserves to be on the wall, deserves to be recognized, and deserves to be counted. There’s no point at which we’d stop because there are “too many people.” It's simple; Fill out the form which is then sent to the site. After review and approval, it’s posted. Visitors to the site can also leave condolence messages for individual people, or a general condolence message. After visiting COVID-19 Wall of Memories, please spread the word. The website address is: www.covid19wallofmemories.org CONTACT: Mohammed Nasrullah, [email protected], (713) 876-3624; Ruth Nasrullah, [email protected], (713) 397-9994


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