Jun 27

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Celebrate your inner child: DATE NIGHT Virtual chocolate tasting

Celebrate your inner child: DATE NIGHT Virtual chocolate tasting


Join us for date night … Close your eyes and remember back when you were five, gazing at the world so fresh and new with your childlike wonder. Mom had a home cooked meal simmering on the stove, but all you wanted was the dessert that came after. Reminisce on life’s simpler times and celebrate your inner child together with our nostalgic chocolate truffle flavors. Savor the decadence of our Grown-up s’mores chocolate truffle, with its ooey gooey marshmallow filling spiked with rich coffee-flavored Kahlua. Our sticky Candy apple chocolate truffle, stuffed with caramelized apples and crunchy local Texas pecans will remind you of school carnivals and summer fun from a carefree time. Join Delysia Chocolatier for our virtual Date Night chocolate tasting for two inspired by childhood delights as you and your sweetheart forget about being an adult for just a moment. Broaden your culinary palate as you sample uniquely handcrafted chocolates at Delysia’s SAVOR: Chocolate Tasting Experience Date Night experience. For a romantic ‘night in’ experience, our Date Night bundle provides chocolate truffles for 2 people, personally curated by our Owner and Chocolatier, Chef Nicole Patel. Build a blanket fort, grab your computer, and join Delysia Chocolatier to let out your inner child for one night in our exclusive virtual chocolate tasting for two. To purchase tickets, please visit this link: https://delysia.com/product-category/experiences/ ____________________ How our virtual tasting experiences work: At Delysia’s Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience, customers will broaden their culinary palate as they explore aromatic and flavor profiles with our guided and systematic, immersive approach to tasting Delysia’s artisanal handcrafted chocolates. Enjoy our Date Night bundle of two 4-piece chocolate truffle tasting sets (one for you and one to share) while learning about the art of savoring gourmet chocolate, in the comfort of your own home. Each assortment provides truffle samples for up to 2 people as a romantic experience for couples from the comfort of their own home. Tickets must be purchased by Monday evening to allow us ample time to ship the chocolates to your doorstep. Store in your refrigerator or a cool dry place until the tasting, bringing them to room temperature at least 30 minutes before the virtual experience. To purchase tickets to this virtual experience or future events, please visit this link: https://delysia.com/product-category/experiences/ Instructions and the conference link will be emailed to you 24 hours before your tasting. Our virtual chocolate experience will last 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session. If you have questions throughout the tasting, type them on the screen and we will answer them real time throughout the experience. Delysia Chocolatier Tasting Room & Chocolate Boutique: With the ongoing crisis, our Tasting Room & Chocolate Boutique is currently closed to the public. Please join us for one of our virtual chocolate tastings or shop online. Our full product line of handcrafted chocolates are available online, shipped directly to your doorstep with FedEx.


time 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
phone 5124134701
cost $30 (2 person tasting bundle)
location Virtual Chocolate Tasting
address 2000 Windy Terrace Suite 2C

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