At Thursday night’s Pflugerville ISD board meeting, trustees voted to prepare for budget considerations by starting discussions about the 2017-18 tax rate.

Trustees began this discussion by setting a cap on the tax rate, without actually setting an exact rate. The board members voted to cap the maintenance and operations tax rate at $1.04 and the sinking and interest rate—which pays back debt from bonds—at $0.50 for a combined maximum of $1.54 per $100 valuation. This is the same as the tax rate set for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

At a future August budget meeting, the trustees will set the exact rate, but it will not exceed $1.54.

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Where to cool off around Central Texas

Area water parks and public pools

In high temperatures and humidity, one way to find relief is to find a cool spot to swim and spend time. Here are some natural watering holes and family-friendly water parks and public pools providing you an opportunity to cool off in Central Texas this summer.

Water parks and public pools

Beachside Billy's and Volente Beach Waterpark

Beachside Billy’s and Volente Beach Waterpark Abby Bora

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