2018 in review: 11 businesses in Northwest Austin to visit

In the walk-in cooler, customers can choose from a variety of seasonal, exotic and filler flowers such as babyu2019s breath.

In the walk-in cooler, customers can choose from a variety of seasonal, exotic and filler flowers such as babyu2019s breath.

In 2018, Community Impact Newspaper profiled 11 businesses in the Northwest Austin area.

Take a moment to revisit the profiles from this past year.

February: La Fleur Fresh Flower Market
Bright and airy, the vibrant red-bedecked shop on Anderson Mill Road in Northwest Austin—filled with fresh flowers and all the trimmings for the do-it-yourself florist—fulfills the dream owner Kimberly Hume always had.

March: Hempton's Retro Threads
Customers walking into Hempton’s Retro Threads, surrounded by robin’s egg blue walls with rockabilly music playing over the loudspeakers, should feel like they are visiting a stylish grandmother for tea, owner Beth Hempton said of her vintage-inspired clothing store.

April: Dart'em Up
Richard McVay decided to take a leap of faith and open his own business after his previous firm was bought by a nationwide telecommunications company.

May: Coffee Shark Espresso + Pints
Depending on the night of the week customers at Coffee Shark Espresso + Pints, a coffee shop and bar hybrid on RM 2222, might be competing in trivia, entering an art contest, listening to live music, attending a Jester Beer Club meeting, participating in a “meet the brewer” event or bringing their own vinyl to play on the shop’s record player for Vinyl Night.

June: Pure Pilates Austin
Like most of the trainers at Pure Pilates Austin, co-owner Ally Slapnicka started teaching Lagree Fitness Method classes after falling in love with the Pilates-based workout.

July: Candace Wong Architecture + Design
When Jester neighborhood-based architect Candace Wong said she wants to build an “all-girls dream team,” she knows the phrase may not immediately cue images of architects, contractors and construction workers.

August: Champion Cryotherapy
Since opening his own cryotherapy business in October 2016, owner Todd Pendleton said the biggest challenge has been client education about the therapy.

September: Shanna Moll Studio
Unlike most salons, Shanna Moll Studio is not an open room with rows of chairs, chatting stylists and buzzing hair dryers. Instead owner Shanna Moll’s clients consult with her privately and have their hair treated, washed and cut in secluded rooms.

October: Friendly Car Care
Although Gregg Murphy has only owned Friendly Car Care since early 2013, the shop’s roots date back to the late 1970s.

November: Habana House Cigar Lounge
Customers at Habana House Cigar Lounge in Northwest Austin can spend just as much time picking out a cigar as they do smoking one.

December: Utopian Shift-A Wine Experience
To meet a goal of only supplying bottles under $15, the owners of North Austin wine shop Utopian Shift-A Wine Experience, David Huth and Ericka Obenar, said they spent years trying bad wine.