Five Central Austin transportation updates to know in June

1. Elisabet Ney Museum improvement project

Elisabet Ney Museum staff announced April 14 at the sixth annual Ney Day event that improvements would be made to the museum site. Owned and operated by the city the Hyde Park museum is housed in Elisabet Ney’s former sculpture studio, which was built in 1892 and named “Formosa.” The current work includes restoring and weatherizing all the doors and windows, adding security lighting along the outdoor trails and replacing the old bridge with a new wider pedestrian and bicycle bridge. The project is almost halfway through the design phase.

Timeline: November 2018-April 2019
Cost: $1.6 million
Funding sources: 2006 Capital Improvement Bond, 2012 Capital Improvement Bond, hotel occupancy tax

2. Safety and operations improvements at 45th and Red River streets

In partnership with Capital Metro this project will increase safety and improve mobility by adjusting signal timings, creating new left turn lanes and reconstructing the southeast corner curb to provide for safer turning by Capital Metro buses. Construction began in late April and is anticipated to last three months.

Timeline: late April-summer 2018
Cost: $130,000
Funding sources: Capital Metro, 2016 Mobility Bond

3. North Lamar Boulevard and Burnet Road corridor improvements project

3A. The city began construction of approximately 2,600 linear feet of sidewalks compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act at the beginning of May on Burnet Road from West Koenig Lane to Hwy. 183. Construction on this project is anticipated to be complete in fall 2018.

3B.  Additional projects focusing on Lamar Boulevard are also planned. 

Timeline: May 2018-October 2023
Cost: $450,000
Funding sources: 2012 Transportation and Mobility Bond, 2016 Mobility Bond


4. Allandale neighborhood water and wastewater improvements

This project entails the replacement of water and wastewater lines in 12 streets in the southeast Allandale neighborhood as well as the installation of water and wastewater mains, service connections and manholes, and a complete street overlay. Although work was completed last November, the project is in a warranty period, which means that necessary repairs and adjustments are free, and the city is working to close various contracts.

Timeline: April 2016-May 2018
Cost: $5.7 million
Funding sources: $5.7 million

5. East 51st Street improvements

This project involves a partial reconstruction of the corridor from I-35 to Berkman Drive and includes new safety features such as improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities, tree-lined sidewalks and medians, and reduced crossing distances at intersections. The city is currently reviewing the latest submitted design and plans to present the final version to the public for feedback this summer. The Austin Transportation Department recently submitted the project for CAMPO’s 2019-2022 Project Call but was unsuccessful in obtaining approximately $4 million of needed construction funding. Efforts are ongoing to identify and secure additional funding sources needed to proceed with construction as scheduled.

Timeline: January 2019-February 2020 (construction)
Cost: $3.5 million
Funding sources: 2012 Transportation and Mobility Bond, developer contributions