Milton residents will be able to enjoy the active portions of city of Milton parks once again beginning May 9 so long as proper social distancing guidelines and safety measures are still practiced, Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood said in a press release May 8. Active portions of parks have been closed since March 26.

"Every visitor to our parks shoulders responsibility for not only their health and safety but the health and safety of those around them. It is critical that anyone going to our parks follows proper safety protocols," he said. "That is the only way we'll be able to successfully keep our parks open."

Assuming proper guidelines are followed, here are the portions that will be able to be used again.

  • Bell Memorial Park's six fields and playground will be open, and bathrooms will be unlocked.

  • The playground at Bethwell Community Center will be available for use, but the building will remain closed.

  • Bathrooms and playgrounds at Broadwell Pavilion will be open again.

  • The Cox Road athletic facility's fields and bathrooms will be unlocked.

  • Bathrooms and tennis courts at the former Milton Country Club will be open; however, the pool will remain closed to the public until further notice.

  • All three gates around Friendship Community Park will reopen.

Passive trails at Bell, Birmingham and Providence parks are still open, as they have been. Additionally, Lockwood recommends those visiting the parks bring a filled water bottle, as water fountains will remain turned off for safety reasons.

The press release also states that city staff will disinfect playgrounds twice a day at Bell Memorial Park and once a day at Bethwell Community Center and Broadwell Pavilion, on top of the regular cleaning schedule. Organized sports on city parks will remain prohibited, as will renting out city facilities.

"We recognize the benefits of being outside and active for our citizens' health," Lockwood said in the release. "These last few months have been tough for everyone. But I cannot tell you how proud I've been of Milton's residents as well as our businesses."