Although certain parts of area parks have been closed to encourage social distancing, residents can still get outside and enjoy much of Milton's and Alpharetta’s outdoor spaces.

In Alpharetta, open spaces, sidewalks, pathways, passive areas and trails are open to the public. Closed portions of parks include park buildings, facilities, ball fields, disc golf courses, bathrooms, pavilions and playgrounds. Milton has closed “active areas” of parks, including playgrounds; ball fields; facilities; restrooms at Bell Memorial Park; the Broadwell Pavilion; the tennis facility at the former Milton Country Club; and the Cox Road athletic facility. Nature trails at Bell Memorial, Birmingham, Freedom and Providence Parks are still open for use.

City guidelines for Alpharetta and Milton prohibit the gathering of more than 10 people and strongly encourage heeding the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recommendations on social distancing, which means standing at least 6 feet away from other people.

This list is not comprehensive.


  1. Alpha Loop

    While the entirety of the Alpha Loop—a 3-mile inner loop and 5-mile outer loop connecting downtown Alpharetta, the Avalon and the Northwinds area—is still under construction, portions of the loop are open for public use. The 1-mile segment remaining to connect downtown to the Avalon is expected to be complete within the coming months. Connections to the loop from various parks are available throughout the city.

  2. Big Creek Greenway

    3104-3122 Kimball Bridge Road, Alpharetta

    The Big Creek Greenway, which spans about 8 miles through Alpharetta, has 12-foot-wide walking and biking trails for residents. The greenway is open for public use as long as those walking the trails use proper social distancing measures and do not gather in groups of 10 or more.

  3. Brooke Street Park—East Lawn

    2 Park Plaza, Alpharetta

    This park in downtown Alpharetta has a pavilion for performances where concerts are held throughout the year.

    Portions closed: pavilion

  4. Cogburn Road Park

    12825 Cogburn Road, Alpharetta

    Cogburn Road Park has an arboretum, walking trails and picnic pavilion.

    Portions closed: picnic pavilion

  5. Mid Broadwell City Park

    1480 Mid Broadwell Road, Alpharetta

    Mid Broadwell Park is in the design phase, with a construction date not yet set. The 3-acre park currently has a mulch trail and a picnic table.

    Portions closed: picnic table

  6. North Park

    13450 Cogburn Road, Alpharetta

    Park facilities include a playground, walking trails, tennis courts, baseball fields, a picnic pavilion, a football field and meeting rooms.

    Portions closed: playground, tennis courts, baseball fields, picnic pavilion, football field, meeting rooms

  7. Old Rucker Park and Farm

    910 Rucker Road, Alpharetta

    Old Rucker Park is still in the planning and development phase. Meetings for public comment on design concepts that were originally scheduled for March had to be rescheduled due to the coronavirus. The Farm at Old Rucker Park is in operation, and includes a 2.5-acre organic vegetable farm with a 36-plot community garden, an outdoor classroom, a small fruit orchard, native grape vines, a native pollinator garden and a greenhouse.

    Portions closed: all

  8. Ole Milton Park

    Intersection of Milton Avenue and N. Main Street

    Ole Milton Park is a small pocket park with a small pavilion suitable for 1-2 musicians.

    Portions closed: pavilion

  9. Rock Mill Park

    3100 Kimball Bridge Road, Alpharetta

    This park has a picnic pavilion and an outdoor classroom. Visitors can also enter the Big Creek Greenway trail system from this park.

    Portions closed: pavilion, classroom

  10. Union Hill Park

    1590 Little Pine Trail, Alpharetta

    This park has a hockey rink for roller hockey.

  11. Waggy World Paw Park

    175 Roswell St., Alpharetta

    The 1.5-acre park is open to dogs of all sizes.

  12. Webb Bridge Park

    4780 Webb Bridge Road, Alpharetta

    The park has walking trails, a playground, a picnic pavilion, arboretum, tennis courts and fields for soccer and baseball.

    Portions closed: playground, soccer fields, baseball fields, picnic pavilion, tennis courts

  13. Wills Park

    11925 Wills Road, Alpharetta

    Facilities include walking trails, tennis courts and a gymnasium, a baseball field, playgrounds, a picnic pavilion, an arboretum, a community garden, a dog park and equestrian facilities.

    Portions closed: tennis courts, gymnasium, baseball field, playgrounds, picnic pavilion, equestrian facilities

  14. Windward Park

    6435 Windward Parkway, Alpharetta

    Windward Park is in the design phase and is currently closed to the public.


  1. Bell Memorial Park

    15245 Bell Park Road, Milton

    Bell Memorial Park features four baseball fields in addition to pavilions, picnic areas and a playground. Nature trails here are still open for use.

    Portions closed: baseball fields, picnic areas, playground, pavilions

  2. Birmingham Park

    750 Hickory Flat Road, Milton

    The 200-acre property is undeveloped, but is open for hiking, dog walking, or horseback riding. Nature trails here are still open for use.

  3. Freedom Park

    13200 Deerfiled Parkway, Milton

    The city calls Freedom Park an “exercise center” for runners, cyclists and walkers. It has a short trail in addition to some exercise and cardio equipment. Nature trails here are still open for use.

    Portions closed: exercise and cardio equipment

  4. Friendship Community Park

    12785 Birmingham Highway, Milton

    The park includes a small picnic pavilion, walking path, half-court-basketball court and a play field. Because it is a joint venture with the Fulton County School System, it is closed to the public during school hours.

  5. Providence Park

    13440 Providence Park Drive, Milton

    The 42-acre park includes a lodge, hiking trails, a rock-climbing cliff and a lake. Nature trails here are still open for use.

    Portions closed: lodge