The number of people currently hospitalized due to COVID-19 totals 921 people as of 3 p.m. June 18—the most number of people hospitalized because of the coronavirus since May 20, according to data from the Georgia Department of Public Health and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency. On May 20, 959 people were hospitalized because of COVID-19, dropping down to 919 people the following day, May 21 and continuing a mostly downward trend in current hospitalizations; however, this trend flipped upward in early June.

Statewide, the number of people that have been hospitalized due to COVID-19 since the pandemic began now totals 9,663 people, an increase of 120 people since yesterday. Confirmed COVID-19 case counts also increased by 882 cases in the last 24 hours, totaling 60,912 cases across the state. The state has also seen 2,605 total deaths—30 more deaths since yesterday—and 2,109 ICU admissions attributed to COVID-19.

Viral testing in Georgia is still increasing as well, which can contribute to rising case counts. In the last 24 hours, the number of viral tests administered in the state has increased by more than 12,000 tests—or 1.97%—and the number of positive results has increased at a slightly lower rate in the last day at 1.55%, for a total of 55,127 positive viral test results. Viral testing shows active virus infections, whereas antibody testing shows past virus infections.

Antibody testing has also increased in the last day, rising from 118,426 tests to 121,151—a 2.3% increase, according to GDPH data. The number of positive antibody tests increased at a rate of 1.01% in the last day, increasing from 6,912 to 6,982 positive antibody tests as of 3 p.m. June 18.

In Fulton County, cumulative case counts rose from 5,292 to 5,325 in the last 24 hours, according to GDPH data. The county has also seen 301 deaths and 978 hospitalizations total due to COVID-19.