Starting June 2, the Georgia Department of Public Health will move to updating its COVID-19 daily status report to once per day, with data released at 3 p.m. each day to allow for more time to process and validate laboratory and case reports, Gov. Brian Kemp announced last week. The GDPH was previously releasing data on this report three times each day.

In a press release from the GDPH June 1, the department announced the following changes will also be taking place with the new report:

  • Reordering the display of key summary metrics as follows: confirmed COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths and ICU admissions

  • A breakdown of the total number of molecular tests; the total number of serology tests; and the number of positives and percentage of positives for each test type

  • Revised charts of key demographics that more clearly present data

  • Improved usability of charts and refinements to labeling and supporting documentation of the data

According to the 9 a.m. daily COVID-19 update from the GDPH, a total of 471,631 COVID-19 tests and 91,184 serology tests have been administered statewide. Statewide case counts now total 47,496 cases of COVID-19, and with 471,631 molecular, or diagnostic, tests administered, this mean 10.07% of the confirmed molecular cases have returned with a positive test result. This percentage has been hovering in the 10% range since May 28, data shows.

The department's data also indicates that the state has now seen 2,055 deaths, 1,797 ICU admissions and 8,033 hospitalizations attributed to COVID-19.

Additionally, Fulton County has seen 849 hospitalizations as of 9 a.m. June 1, as well as 4,533 cases and 235 deaths all attributed to COVID-19, the data shows.