Chasin’ Tails Sports Bar & Cajun Cuisine closed after fire

Chasin’ Tails Sports Bar & Cajun Cuisine, 2402 Bay Area Blvd., Ste. M, Houston, is temporarily closed after suffering a fire March 4. The entire restaurant was destroyed after a welding mishap during an air conditioning repair. The restaurant is being reverted back to a shell and will be rebuilt in eight months to a year. The owners said the new restaurant will be even better than the previous one. 281-480-3000.

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  1. So sad this happened. This was the best Cajun food in Houston and definitely the best crawfish you could find anywhere period!!! Can’t wait for it to re open I can’t imagine it getting any better than it was already amazing but am excited to see what they do to come back better than before. Im sure ill be impressed as usual. If you didn’t try this place before the fire do yourself a favor and treat your taste buds to perfection upon its return!!!!

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