Ralph Gordy Avenue construction, FM 270 widening: 5 Bay Area transportation projects to know for May



1) Ralph Gordy Avenue construction

A 2,000-foot road will be constructed in Kemah to create a new access point for residents and visitors who want to access retail and entertainment businesses. The new road will open up more than 100 acres of land for future commercial development and create an alternative route for traffic as Hwy. 146 is widened over the next five years. If necessary, the project could be expanded to include a new road segment that would go south to Hwy. 96.

Timeline: February-November
Cost: $1.37 million
Funding sources: Galveston County ($800,000), city of Kemah ($570,000)


2) Ervin connector construction

This new two-lane, curb-and-gutter, arterial roadway will connect Calder Drive to the new Hobbs Road extension to the south. The street will provide better accessibility for Sedona subdivision residents, other neighboring communities and future development in the area. City staff has completed the project’s design and is now acquiring the right of way.

Timeline: fall 2019-fall 2020
Cost: $5.83 million
Funding source: city of League City

3) FM 270 widening

This project will widen a 2.7-mile stretch of FM 270 from south of FM 518 through the Hwy. 96 intersection to the south from a two-lane road to a four-lane, divided curb-and-gutter street. All construction will be within the existing Texas Department of Transportation right of way. Once design is complete, staff will partner with the Houston-Galveston Area Council and TxDOT for funding. This project is part of Phase 1 of League City’s Master Mobility Plan.

Timeline: construction starts 2021 at the earliest
Cost: $22.8 million
Funding sources: Houston-Galveston Area Council ($18.24 million), city of League City ($4.56 million)

4) Calder Drive improvements

This project will include the design and construction of improvements along Calder Road from Ervin Avenue to Cross Colony Drive. Crews will modify the existing asphalt and open-ditch roadway into a concrete curb-and-gutter-style roadway. The project will also result in increased drainage capacity. A two-year project to improve Calder Drive from Ervin Avenue to Turner Street was completed in February.

Timeline: fall 2019-fall 2020
Cost: $8.95 million
Funding sources: city of League City

5) Walker Street improvements

Walker Street between FM 646 and Kesslers Crossing will be improved. The most significant change will be the addition of a traffic signal at the street’s intersection with the driveway of Lowe’s Home Improvement. The intersection of Walker Street and FM 646 will be reconfigured to allow for additional vehicles and improved traffic flow.

Timeline: construction starts early 2020
Cost: $6.45 million
Funding source: city of League City

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